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The Science of Things
He was sitting on the far side of the couch, back facing her.  She could see a bottle of scotch sitting on the coffee table in front of him.  He was raising a tumbler to his lips.  Belle sighed.  It seemed today was going to be one of those days.
She dropped her purse in the chair she passed as she made her way to him.  Softly, she sat next to him, turned to face him, her left knee bumping his right.  She heard a short, quick breath escape him.  Yes, one of those days indeed.
"What's the matter, Rum?" She whispered.
He gave her a wry grin and a sidelong glance, "I'm old."
She quirked her mouth and raised her eyebrows in sympathy. " Well, I could always just say you're as old as you feel, but something tells me that won't cut it this time."
He shook his head, gazing thoughtfully into his glass.  His thumb gently stroked the rim of the tumbler.
"If that were true, I'd be ancient right now."
She 'hmm'ed
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Tifa Lockhart by temporal-tea-time Tifa Lockhart :icontemporal-tea-time:temporal-tea-time 1 2
Penelo makes her way to take care of one very sick, very stubborn Judge Magister. Pls R&R, thank you!
Rated: T - Drama/Romance - Basch & Penelo Originally posted on on 11-10-08    
Story: Sickness
Pairing: Basch/Penelo
Chapters: One-Shot
Summary: Basch is sick in Archades, as per the letter Larsa sends her. She decides she wants to go to take care of him because she knows he wont let anyone else near him when hes weakened.
Disclaimer:I don't own these characters, or places. Sqaure Enix does.
The airship that carried her couldn't move fast enough, it seemed. Archades couldn't be further away right now, either. Occasionally, she felt the desire to run to the cabin and scream to pilot and co-pilot, "I'm NEEDED! Can't this blasted thing go any faster?!". Of course, that wasn't an option. They'd probably arrest her for the interruption in their flight schedule.
Stupid thing. Balthier wouldn't have drug his feet.
She stopped, then thought again
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Penelo sneaks into the Imperial Palace. Just what is she up to? Pls R&R! Thank you!
Romance/Friendship - Basch & Penelo - Originally posted on on 11-10-08     
Disclaimer: I do not own Basch, Larsa, or Penelo. Nor Archades. Or anything else related to the game in this story. Square-Enix does.
She tip-toed softly on the marble floors, making her way through the giant hallway to the voices she heard further down and around the corner. The sun leaked through the open archways on the other side of the hall, leaving beautiful shadows of the arches on the floor. Although, those made it harder for getting around undetected.
The Imperial Palace wasn't as heavily guarded as she'd thought. Maybe everyone -was- finally calming down after everything. Slipping through their defenses, or what little bit there was, happened to be just about one the easiest things she'd done. This, however, was proving to make up for
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Title: Truth
Characters: BalthierXPenelo
Summary: This is version two that was inspired by the same line "If I don't make you happy, then what good am I?" Still BalPen :)
Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fantasy 12 or anything related to it in this fic. That's all Square-Enix. ;)
Originally posted on on 12-2-08
He followed after her, making a comment about helping the busy lady in the kitchen. " You know, Vaan...Penelo really does do too much for you." Then he'd winked at Penelo, causing her to roll her eyes to the sky. She briskly turned around, making her way to the kitchen to prepare lunch. It had been a horribly busy day.
First came the information gathering, then the travelling, then the horrid hunting that involved the 'hidden door' of someone's tomb. She sighed, hearing Balthier trail after her. Penelo made her way to the counter, pulling out an onion from the vegetable basket and a knife from the block to her right. She spok
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The Game
Title: The Game
Rated: T
Summary: Penelo gets a mysterious invitation to Balfonheim, only to get involved in a game set up by our own dashing sky pirate.
Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fantasy 12 or anything related to it. I only own this story plot and the words that go with it.
Originally posted on on 12-16-08
The Game
Penelo made her way through the streets of Rabanastre rather precariously. She was attempting to make her way back to Migelo's, but the large basket in her arms was obstructing her view of oncoming foot traffic. Thankfully, most of the pedestrians were kind enough (or smart enough) to move out of her way as she walked down the streets among them.
Vaan had told her yesterday afternoon that there were no rumors of treasure and no pressing hunts to vanquish, so they could take a break for a bit to go home. For a week.
Needless to say, she had been thrilled.
It wasn't that sky-life was bad. Oh no. The riches and sight
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Title: Sunburn
Characters: Basch, Penelo (friendship)
Summary: After a long trek through the desert, Penelo has a sunburn and has someone to watch over her chores.
Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy 12 or anything pertaining to it. No characters, no places…nothing…:cries:
This was entirely Vaan's fault. Of all the things for him to forget, and he forgets the sun resistant balm.
Thank you, Vaan. I can't begin to express my thanks to you for letting me get this way.
Penelo rested on her back under an overhang of rock and dead brush, watching everyone else do their part of the chores that was mandatory before setting camp. Her ear itched, so she raised a hand to scratch it, only to wince once her fingertips came in contact with the sun burnt skin.
Damn Vaan.
The skin on her elbow joints hurt as well, as well as her face, and ears. Her scalp was super tender from the sun beating down on it all day. What was worse was...she wa
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Baby Steps Ch. 2
It had been a couple of weeks since Tifa cut his hair, and now it was as short as when he was a Turk.  He'd been a little hesitant about letting her cut so much, but after it was done, he realized how much more relaxed he felt without the extra weight.
That night, Tifa and Cloud had offered to let him stay at their place for a while.
"You know, to relax.  This has been...quite the ordeal."
He agreed that it had been a while since he was able to  It would be nice to have a chance to find himself again.
The fact that Tifa was cooking was no small part in his acceptance of the offer.
Being around the small family helped, he thought, in his search for his new normal.  Everyday, he'd ask himself:
'Just what kind of man am I now?  What am I going to learn today that will get me just a little closer to the result?'
The answer was usually simple.
He was a man who opened doors for women, but offered no easy smiles.
He wa
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Cloud Birthday fic 2012
Though his memories have been tampered and fooled around with, there are things he feels he never really forgot. His mind may have lost the sights and smells of them over time, but in his heart he remembered the feeling of waking up and realizing he was turning six.
He remembered the exhiliration of knowing that his mother was, at that moment, making his favorite spice cake with cinnamon apple frosting. He remembered that he would get a gift from her, lovingly made by hand and wrapped just right.  In his heart, he knew these things had happened.
It wasn't until after a few certain events were triggered that his mind was able to catch up.
Now he could smell the cake baking; the apples cooking in the spice-infused sugar water.  He could see, in his mind's eye, the sun rising through the window in his room.  He could feel the chill as his excited little hands pushed the blanket back from his pajama clad body.  The hardwood floor was cold, so he had
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Dancer 1 by temporal-tea-time Dancer 1 :icontemporal-tea-time:temporal-tea-time 0 0
Baby Steps
"Are you sure you want to do this?" She asked carefully.
He took a moment to think.  Before he had ever met Lucrecia, before becoming a Turk, he had been a hopeful young man.  A bit naive, but such is the way with youth.  As a young man, he had been...relatively happy. He was never perky or chipper (he'd have shot himself long before now if he had been) but he had been a decent man.  A normal man with ups and downs and inbetweens.
He knew he'd never be that man again, but anything was better than this self-imposed Hell he'd been living for so many years now.  After this long, wasn't it time for a change?  He knew too much bad in the world to even try to view himself as normal.
But isn't normal relative?
If so, then what was his normal?
"Tifa...can I ask you something?"
"Go ahead."
He paused to word it in his head.
"What...I do you move on from something like this?"
She ran her fingers loosely through h
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Time Will Stand Still
She grumbles as she reaches behind her for the pliers, glaring at the tangle of wires before her.  As she reaches forward with a bare hand, she hears a a quiet 'tsk'.  She sighs loudly.
"What now?" She whines.  He's been complaining about this and that all damn day.
"If you touch the circuits with bare fingers, you're very likely to be-"
She gasps in shock and momentary pain.  She pulls her fingers back to assess the damage.  A bright red mark has begun on her right ring finger, and before she can get it to her mouth, he grabs her hand gently and brings it closer for inspection.
His eyes are calculating and cold, narrowed as they are in concentration.  He turns her hand this way and that way, looking from all angles before bringing her injured finger closer to press a light kiss.  His gold eyes travel up the length of her arm, and gaze through silver strands (not of hair, but of a synthetic equal) to her blue e
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Only Human - Chapter 3 - Page 6 by ohparapraxia Only Human - Chapter 3 - Page 6 :iconohparapraxia:ohparapraxia 68 70 My Goodness Miss Altava... by nattherat
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LaytonXEmmy sketchdump by nattherat
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LaytonXEmmy sketchdump :iconnattherat:nattherat 28 8
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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wow holy moley its been forever, yeah? so ive been doing a bit of this and a bit of that. writing, some painting, got a tablet for the computer so i have some crappy digital things now. been working retail mostly, and derping around on tumblr, and tbh i kinda forgot i had this account for a while (to the point where i forgot my username and password. it was quite the challenge to figure out just what i had used XD) anywhoosit. i'm here, and i hope to be at least a little more active than i was. *thumbs up* YEAH!'s everyone been during my absence? im assuming well?


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